Blacklight Patch Notes v0.980 Edit

Blacklight Release Notes for August 2, 2012.[1]

Fixed Edit

  • Resolved admin privilege issues where items/GP/XP would not update until relogging.
  • Quick Join will no longer timeout and send you back to the server browser.
  • Recoil values will no longer persist for the next shot after having died while firing.
  • Fixed Flamethrower igniter flame from disappearing after using HRV.
  • Hardsuit Battle Mode UI now shows up when any agent with the Battle Mode tactical item enters the hardsuit.
  • Fixed a couple rare crashes that occur at end of round.
  • Weapon crosshair color will now always persist through switching weapons.
  • "+ Crowbar" will now appear in the combat log for crowbar kills.
  • The Send Mail button in Find Player, Clan, and Friend lists now function.
  • Killstreaks will now be recorded correctly in cases where the player did not die to end their killstreak.
  • Clan invitations will no longer be automatically accepted during map transitions.

Added Edit

  • Ability to form a party. When the party leader joins a game, all party members will be prompted to enter the game.
  • Clan officer promotions. Clan officers have the ability to invite and kick players from the clan.
  • The main menu now contains buttons for accessing the Social Menu, Mail, and Inventory menus.
  • An opt-in only Help channel! Type "/join Help" to join.
  • Notifications when either team gets close to winning.
  • Featured Item now displays scrolling descriptive text and tooltips.
  • Re-added the 'Close' button for bypassing the expired item dialog.

Changed Edit

  • Inventory cap increased to 800.
  • Enhanced chat spam prevention.
  • Shotgun hit detection has been improved.
  • Datanodes now appear in the inventory list and can be trashed.
  • KOTH points now have a 30 second inactive time before they can begin to be captured.
  • Private matches no longer have a votekick option. Instead, the match creator has a kick button that does not require a vote.
  • Private matches now have a ready button in the pregame lobby that requires all players to hit before the match will begin.
  • The closest region will be selected by default upon running the game for the first time.
  • Teams are now clan sorted in private matches.
  • Hardsuit Battle Mode now lasts for 10 seconds instead of 5.
  • Hardsuit Battle Mode cooldown now lasts for 40 seconds instead of 30.
  • Hardsuit Battle Mode protects the pilot from flamethrowers while active.
  • Hardsuit Battle Mode reduces damage by 50% while active.
  • Hardsuit HRV Ping now activates twice as fast.
  • Post-match inventory item updates now appear in the 'Spoils of War' section of the after action report.
  • Clicking the inventory count widget now opens the inventory menu.
  • In-game taunt selection now disallows the use of taunts not in the current loadout.
  • The Filters menu in the server browser now more clearly shows when filters are turned on.
  • Rebalanced the Burstfire SMG, including increased hip fire accuracy.
  • Increased velocity of Throwing Knives.
  • Lowered the minimum and raised the maximum for possible Stamina based on players health and speed.
  • Anti-vehicle Rocket Launcher now does 7500 damage to hardsuits.
  • Decreased total Railgun ammo to 5 and increased accuracy penalties for moving and jumping.
  • Increased accuracy penalty for jumping while in ADS.
  • Non-renewable items now appear in the expired item dialog. 'Trash' is the only selectable option for these items.

Videos Edit

Blacklight Retribution - The REAL Patch Minute10:17

Blacklight Retribution - The REAL Patch Minute .980 - 45-4

This video is from ZeroArmada's Youtube channel, as the original Blacklight 0.980 Patch video is no longer available.

References Edit


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