Blacklight Patch Notes v0.973.RC1 Edit

Blacklight Release Notes for August 2, 2012.[1]

These changes will be live after the 7/10 maintenance concludes

Fixes Edit

  • Implemented slash commands for ignore and unignore
    • /ignore
    • /i
    • /unignore
    • /u
  • Use /help for more chat commands
  • Enhanced global chat spam prevention
  • Global chat now limited to last 100 messages, fixing performance issues
  • Steam registration/billing links for FRA/DEU clients go to correct pages
  • Improved Kill Confirmed announcer dialog
  • Fixed Server browser performance hitching
  • Now has an option to toggle on/off screen door LOD fade
  • Video settings will be reverted after patching. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Balance Changes Edit

  • Kill Confirmed tags have a larger collision radius, making collection easier
  • Threat/Warlord/Revenge now reset when changing teams
  • Heavy Assault Rifle ammo decreased to 22, damage range decreased to [54/62/70], movement speed penalty increased
  • Burstfire Rifle magazine count decreased to 4
  • Light Machine Gun movement accuracy penalty decreased
  • RL2a Swarm now costs 1000CP
  • Taunts now break cloak

References Edit


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