Blacklight Patch Notes v0.970 Edit

Blacklight Release Notes for June 7, 2012.[1]

Fixes Edit

  • Fixed gaining speed while jumping
  • Fixed first person melee impact audio
  • Fixed hard suit targeter audio cutting out
  • Fixed corrupted menu if you log out and back in after being kicked from a game
  • Fixed sixth loadout breaking your armory if you switch from a hero to a custom character
  • Fixed hard suits not crushing people they land on
  • Fixed mines floating on elevators
  • Fixed shotguns not being able to hit the hard suit weak point
  • Fixed floating decals on rail gun and air strike
  • Fixed in-game chat sometimes disappearing too quickly
  • Fixed sorting errors in friends and clan lists

Added Edit

  • Added a new gear item: Throwing Knives
  • Added a new mesh for the Ammo Crate, now easier to see
  • Added audio for UI social flyouts
  • Added audio to data node fusion
  • Added an optional pop-up on the hud when you can afford an item in the depot
  • Added new inventory management UI, you can now multi-select!
  • Added new cooking audio for Toxic grenades
  • Added new preview meshes for health, ammo, and heavy ammo depot items
  • Added a new stun mine effect
  • Added new SMG animations
  • Added new Melee sprint animations
  • Added new Hero idle animations
  • Added new region selection, now shows server status, ping, queue length
  • Added a login queue that kicks in if the region is under heavy load
  • Added whispers showing up on the hud while in game
  • Added the current channel name to hud chat

Balance Edit

  • Air strike beacons now stick to players
  • Jumping no longer breaks reload
  • Starting/Finishing a reload no longer breaks sprint
  • Tight aim (ADS) will now break out of sprint
  • Breaking HRV with tight aim (ADS) will now put you in ADS
  • Electro ammo change, now does 120% damage to targets under status effects like stun or emp
  • Breach hammer damage against hard suits increased
  • Combat Rifle: Increased hip fire accuracy, reduced spread when firing rapidly
  • You can no longer shoot dropped grenades
  • Cloaked players are now completely invisible after a certain distance away
  • Body and leg damage reducing hangers changed to other stats
  • Grenade launcher projectiles now detonate .5 seconds after first collision
  • Grenade launcher price increased from 300 to 500

Deathmatch Edit

  • Reduced player limit to 12

All Maps Edit

  • Spawn points improved
  • CTF points tweaked
  • Collision issues addressed
  • Cameras adjusted in hero pose
  • Fixed chain link fence textures on low detail
  • Improved lighting on gate controls
  • Fixed areas where bullet impacts did not show up

Deadlock Edit

  • Elevator fixes
  • Fixed collision issues

HeloDeck Edit

  • Added audio to barrels and swaying lights
  • Improved music
  • Spectator cameras fixed
  • Dom point B can now be accessed while crouching
  • Sight lines adjusted, flow improved around stairwell

Containment Edit

  • Added ambient audio
  • Fixed reverb
  • Optimized level
  • Video screens added

Deadlock Edit

  • Added new ambient audio
  • Optimized level

Offshore Edit

  • Enhanced lighting in center stairs
  • Fixed collision issues / exploits
  • Fixed not being able to place objects on steel grates
  • Optimized level

Vortex Edit

  • Added new ambient audio
  • Fixed reverb in underground areas
  • Elevator fixes
  • Dom points adjusted
  • Video screens added

Vertigo Edit

  • Fixed wind audio
  • Elevator fixes
  • Video screens added

Training level Edit

  • Added new ambient audio
  • Fixed the door audio so it plays

Offshore Edit

  • Now supports all game modes

Known Issues with Throwing Knives Edit

  • Picking up a throwing knife at the exact same time as throwing another may cause you to be unable to throw more knives.
  • Throwing knives lack or play incorrect sfx on a few surfaces.
  • Refilling throwing knives via Ammo Refill at a Weapon Depot requires you to switch your weapon before being able to throw more knives.

References Edit


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