Blacklight Patch Notes v0.961 Edit

Blacklight Release Notes for April 12, 2012.[1]

Known Issues Edit

  • Ambient sound effects are not working on the new Helodeck map

Additions Edit

  • New map: HeloDeck!
  • Spectator mode added. Click on a game server, then click on the Watch button to spectate!
  • Increased the % of player speed determined by equipment from 66% to 90%. This means that heavy items will cause you to move slower than before while light items will cause you to move faster than before.

Fixes Edit

  • Quick Join now prioritizes latency, followed by level restrictions, followed by amount of players in the server.
  • Fixed the occasional crash related to chat.
  • Fixed cases where the Revival UI was persisting longer than intended.
  • Fixed the infinite load screen when failing to load into level because of missing content or content differences from server.
  • Fixed the wrong message showing up when being kicked from a server while above the max level requirement.
  • Fixed Ambient Occlusion crash when enabling after already in a game.
  • Fixed the server crash occurring on all regions intermittently.
  • Fixed a startup crash.
  • Fixed some special characters not working in Blacklight passwords.

References Edit


Note: This patch does not seem to have an unofficial designation or version number.

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