Blacklight Patch Notes v0.960 Edit

Blacklight Release Notes for April 3, 2012.[1]

Fixes Edit

  • Fixed a few more rare crashes
  • Fixed Hardsuit taunt
  • Fixed instant spawn bug
  • Fixed a few minor memory leaks
  • Fixed an issue where you could lose your login UI when logging out
  • Fixed Last weapon key to default to secondary weapon when you first spawn
  • Fixed Datanode and mail notifications when logging into one region and playing game on the other
  • Fixed loadout selection on initial spawn when using a Hero
  • Fixed mail items with periods in the text
  • Fixed friend invites not appearing after the first attempt
  • Fixed melee damage multipliers being applied when they shouldn't
  • Fixed deathmatch score screen
  • Fixed Emblem patch when cloaked
  • Fixed Silencer particle effects
  • Fixed Speed Demon Legs particle effects

Additions Edit

  • Added Heavy Assault Rifle receiver
  • Added improved lag compensation code
  • Added Social Flyout for mail and friend alerts
  • Added directional headshot animations
  • Added the ability to click on links in the news panels
  • Added new audio for when you inflict or take damage
  • Added new materials for metallic character camos
  • Added option in settings to change where you want the social flyouts to appear
  • Added Empty and Full filters to the server list
  • Added Inventory cap
  • Added new Respawn/Revive interface
  • Added sorting for Datanode lists by Datanode quality
  • Added Objective dialog for CTF, DOM, and KOTH

Scoring Changes Edit

  • Increased XP bonus for Beast Mode to 250
  • Increased XP bonus for ending Godlike spree to 125
  • Increased XP bonus for ending Beast Mode spree to 275

Character Changes Edit

  • All characters: Raised max health to 250
  • All characters: Raised base health to 200
  • All characters: Player impact effects will now always show the blood effect
  • All characters Player speed is now 66% from armor, 33% from weapon
  • Hero (MARS): Decreased movement speed by 12%.
  • Hero (MARS): Decreased HRV duration by 1.5s.

Weapon Changes Edit

  • All Weapons: Raised Gun Melee Damage to 125
  • All Weapons: decreased spread by roughly 30%
  • All Weapons: Movement speed can now vary based on weapon attachments
  • All Weapons: There are now separate spread stats for hipfire and ADS
  • All Weapons: Headshot effects now require over 50% of damage to be dealt to the head
  • Heavy Depot Weapons: Now require stamina to jump, use stamina when you jump
  • Combat Rifle: Increased base recoil by 30%
  • Combat Rifle: decreased max recoil by 30%
  • Combat Rifle: First bullet when ADS is 100% accurate
  • SMG: Increased Min damage to 40
  • SMG: Decreased Max damage to 50
  • SMG: Decreased effective range by 30%
  • Shotgun: Increased recoil by 100%
  • Shotgun: Decreased effective range by 20%
  • Revolver: Increased movement speed by 5%
  • Revolver: Decreased damage by 15%
  • 9mm: Increased movement speed by 10%
  • 45mm: Increased movement speed by 15%
  • 45mm: Increased minimum damage to 45
  • 45mm: Increased maximum damage to 65
  • Light Machine Gun: Increased movement spread penalty by 100%
  • Burst Rifle: Increased base damage to 55
  • Burst Rifle: Increased min damage to 45
  • Burst Rifle: Increased max damage to 65
  • Burst Rifle: Increased effective range by 25%
  • Assault Rifle: Decreased base damage to 50
  • Assault Rifle: Decreased max damage to 60
  • Assault Rifle: Decreased min damage to 40
  • Assault Rifle: Increased spread build by 9%
  • Assault Rifle: Decreased effective range by 25%
  • Combat Knife: Increased damage from 85 to 125
  • Machete: Damage increased from 175 to 200
  • Hammer: Damage increased from 200 to 250
  • Flamethrower: Now only carries one spare magazine, maximum range reduced by 30%

Attachment Changes Edit

References Edit


Note: This patch does not seem to have an unofficial designation or version number.

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